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Sacred Active Breathwork Meditation with Kim Huston

Kim Huston
Date: Tuesday, May 28th
Time: 6:30-7:45pm
Price: $35
In this sacred active breathing meditation, the breath is the tool allowing your consciousness (ego) to literally move out of the way.
Experience personal awakening, transformation, emotional release and peace by connecting with your higher self and quieting the thinking mind.
This allows deep seated trauma, energy, emotional wounds and limited beliefs to release in a powerful way. In addition to the breathing technique this process also incorporates shamanic tools, music, sound and energy healing.
Healing this way in a group/community setting amplifies the energy and potential healing of each individual.
Expect to feel held in a safe and loving space where you will take a journey of profound healing and releasing that which no longer serves you. The experience can be gentle or intense, as each person dictates their own session because our individual needs change from day to day.
This breathwork practice will be done lying down on a mat, and/or blanket. There will be a period of active breathing followed by a deep, relaxing rest period.
Wear comfortable clothing, eat lightly and not immediately prior to the class.
A modality that must be experienced to appreciate.

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