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Heavenly Marlton Massage & Reiki Services.

Indulge in one-of-a-kind massages that seamlessly blend energy work, reflexology, stretching, and sound healing, providing an unparalleled rejuvenating experience that leaves you gracefully floating away in blissful serenity.

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How I approach sessions:

Every detail is meticulously considered for your comfort — from a heated table and soft, luxurious sheets to a plush headrest, soothing music, and coconut oil that caresses the skin with moisturizing silkiness. Rather than delivering a generic massage, I am fully engaged with each client, and that presence is palpable. Every massage and healing session is distinctive, as I am attuned and responsive to what your body requires at any given moment

I’ve been told that my warm and friendly nature has a way of making anyone immediately feel comfortable around me. This sense of ease can be attributed to my intuitive and empathic abilities. Often, I receive messages for my clients—these messages may come from a passed-on loved one or be intuitive insights meant for the client’s highest good. Clients are frequently amazed by the accuracy of the information that comes through, and they eagerly anticipate the possibility of receiving more helpful messages in the future.

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“Don’t waste any more $$ on a cookie-cutter massage from a chain! Laura is the real deal.

I’m a weightlifter so my hip flexors/fascia area gets really really tight. After bouncing around to a few different massage therapists, I’m over the moon ecstatic to have found Laura.”
— Christine R.

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Massage, Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Sound Healing and Facial Reflex Therapy.

90 mins – $170 | 120 mins – $220

Embark on a journey to your inner temple where relaxation isn’t just a destination, but the very path itself. Embrace the fullness of your being and experience healing as you delve into profound meditative states, and your sense of time completely dissolves. Coconut oil glides across the skin with expert touch, melting away any tension. Every point on your feet is meticulously worked on, releasing restrictions and fostering a harmonious flow throughout your entire body.

Facial reflex points add to the serenity, calming the sympathetic nervous system even more. Enveloped in the nurturing energies of Reiki and the healing vibrations of the Flower of Life gong, Tibetan bowls, buffalo drums, French chimes, and more….allow your stress to effortlessly slip away. Be receptive to any messages that may manifest during this transformative session in your healing sanctuary.

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Balanced Body

Therapeutic Massage

30 mins – $60 | 45 mins – $85 | 60 mins – $100 | 75 mins – $125 | 90 mins – $150

Lengthen the spine and melt away stress as you lie down on a warm, cozy bed covered in luxurious, microfiber sheets. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of elongated, flowing strokes seamlessly intertwined with skilled kneading and deep compressions. Through the alleviation of tension, pain, and strain, this therapeutic experience fosters an increased awareness of your body and a feeling of openness. Discover the revelation of the mind-body connection, where joy, relief, and liberation from pain naturally unfold. Depart with a profound sense of balance, renewal, and a lighter spirit.

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Sacred Synergy

Hot Stone Massage

60 mins – $115 | 75 minutes – $140 | 90 mins $165

Crafted for a personalized massage encounter, Synergy stones provide a distinctive experience. Utilizing heated basalt stones, they gently warm muscles, fostering relaxation and alleviating accumulated tension. Simultaneously, these stones contribute to detoxification by promoting lymph drainage and enhancing healthy circulation. The result is a soothing combination of warm muscles, a relaxed body, and a serene mind—pure bliss!

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Inner Harmony

Facial Reflexology Therapy

45 mins – $85

Facial reflex therapy induces very deep states of relaxation, easing tension and providing an enhanced sense of well-being. This therapeutic approach aids in coping with stress, worries, depression, and persistent health concerns. Additionally, it contributes to a natural rejuvenation of the facial skin, enhancing tone and texture for a radiant and healthy complexion. Experience the calming unwind of your nervous system, as you allow a feeling of inner harmony to permeate your entire being.

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Aligned Aura

Reiki Session

45 mins – $85

Often translated as “Universal Life Force Energy,” Reiki is a gentle and natural Japanese energy therapy designed to alleviate pain, enhance clarity, support recovery from injuries, and stimulate the healing process. This holistic approach involves opening and aligning the chakras, creating a sense of calm and balance. Reiki not only boosts spiritual growth and self-development but also promotes overall well-being by tapping into the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. (Be receptive to any messages that may arise during this session.)

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Rejuvenated Spirit

Hand and Foot Reflexology

45 mins – $85

You’re likely familiar with the incredible relief that a massage brings to your weary hands and feet, tirelessly supporting your daily activities. Yet, did you realize that the hands and feet have reflex points corresponding to every part of the body? By applying targeted pressure to these points, circulation improves, tension is alleviated, and your body is prompted to engage in its natural healing processes. Many individuals seamlessly transition into a meditative state during this practice, experiencing a profound sense of relief from tension or discomfort in specific areas of their body.

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Buddha Belly

Prenatal Massage

60 mins – $110 | 75 mins – $135 | 90 mins – $160

Tailored for women embarking on the journey of motherhood, this caring prenatal massage addresses the unique requirements of pregnancy, alleviating tension and stress on joints while stabilizing hormone levels. Experience a significant sense of support as physical discomfort associated with pregnancy is eased through rhythmic strokes and skilled depth. The tension in your neck, upper shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet will dissolve away as you rest in a comfortable side-lying position, cradled by cushions and pillows. Both your body and your baby will express gratitude for this nurturing experience. Pamper the mama who nurtures the child within.

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Free Spirit

Chair Massage

15 mins – $30 | 30 mins – $55 
Corporate Chair Massage – Please enquire for pricing!

A chair massage offers a convenient and accessible relaxation experience. Performed in a specially designed massage chair, this service is perfect for those seeking a quick yet effective escape from the demands of daily life. The recipient remains fully clothed and comfortably seated in the chair, allowing the massage therapist to focus on key areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. The massage is typically shorter in duration, making it an ideal option for individuals with time constraints. Chair massages are known for their ability to relieve tension, reduce stress, and promote a sense of rejuvenation, making them a popular choice for anyone seeking a brief but invigorating experience.

“I have had many massages in the past and Laura tops them all.

The second I walked into Enlightened Elephant, I felt relaxed, comfortable and at ease. The space is gorgeous and welcoming. She has a true gift and it radiates throughout her space and her treatments. I have been suffering from stress and anxiety and this has been such a blessing.”

— Melissa L.

How the process works

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Before your appointment

Upon becoming my client, you will receive an intake form via text or email to complete before your initial appointment. This allows me to gather information about your health history, experience with the services I offer, and your session goals. By doing this ahead of time, I can fully customize the session to meet your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and tailored healing experience. This approach maximizes our time together, allowing us to focus entirely on your session.

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During your appointment

Upon your arrival for your appointment, we will review the details of your intake form together, and you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have. For massage sessions, I will guide you to undress to your comfort level. However, if you are receiving reflexology and/or energy/sound healing, you will remain clothed. Additionally, I provide the option of a heated table, which can enhance the experience. I believe in creating a premium experience for all sessions, so there is no extra charge for incorporating essential oils, but I will inquire about your preference for their use.

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After your appointment

I am deeply committed to establishing a meaningful connection with each client, and it is important to me that your experience extends beyond the session. Therefore, I make it a point to follow up with you the next day to inquire about how you are doing and feeling after our time together. If there are any specific areas where you may need additional support or if you have questions, I am more than happy to provide recommendations tailored to your well-being. Your ongoing comfort and satisfaction are my priority, and I am dedicated to ensuring a holistic and positive experience throughout our therapeutic journey together.

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