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With over 17 years of experience as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner, massage and spiritual work is my passion, not just my job. I take great pride in giving 110% of myself to each and every client and the testimonials you’ll see on this page reflect that.

5 gold stars
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I’ve been going to Laura for years! She is absolutely top-notch.

“I have experienced many others who were not so much. Laura is amazing. I am a full-time ICU RN and group fitness instructor. I also have twins. My body and mind can get BEAT UP, but after a session with her, I’m realigned and feeling much better than when I came in. She was a savior when I was carrying my twins (born over 6 lbs each), and even postpartum.

I love the different things she incorporates into my massage, based on my needs — such as reiki and stretching. She’s also just a kind human being at the core — and the world needs more of her positivity.”

— Gwen M.

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She truly is a godsend.

“Being a retired firefighter, my body took years of abuse and injuries, Laura takes the time to ask questions and physically scans my body for knots or tight spots that even I didn’t know I had. 

I work part-time as a driver moving fire trucks and emergency equipment across the United States which takes a lot of hours sitting in one spot for hours at a time, I go to Laura every two weeks. She does an awesome job getting me loosened up for my next two weeks of driving. 

Her scalp massage is a guaranteed fall-asleep moment. Trust me, it’s okay to fall asleep, she actually expects it will happen. I recommend her to anyone for any issue, or just to relax.”

— David S.

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I have been seeing Laura for many years, and I can honestly say that I have never had a disappointing massage.

“It is always excellent and helpful. She is a true professional and an expert in what she does. Today, I went in with a lot of tension, pain in my hamstrings and other issues from running. Laura was amazing and helped me so much. I felt a lot better when I left and highly recommend her. Highly recommend.” 

— Laura W.

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Honestly the best massage ever!

“When you need to relax they’re relaxing, when you’ve got pain in your back and shoulders she works the knots right out! She is very flexible and accommodating to what you need! Also she’s just a great person, you look forward to going to each massage!”

—  Carly F.

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My experience today was indescribable.

“Laura is amazing. I arrived to my appointment a bit anxious due to me being late. From the moment I walked through her door, I felt at ease. She greets you with a smile and a hug (just what I needed). Laura takes the time to truly give you the personalized experience that your body and soul needs. 

I’ve had tons of massages in my life but I’ve never left feeling completely refreshed internally and externally. I highly recommend her/her business. You will not be disappointed. To end the experience, I was given a “cup of happy” tea.”

— Nicole B.

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Laura is truly a gem.

“Not only is she an amazing massage therapist, but she has also created such an amazing wellness space that truly radiates love and healing. Each massage is different and intuitively driven. She incorporates sound bowls and sound healing into each massage, which prior to going to her, I had never experienced before. And it blew my mind! 

The sound vibrations induce such a deep level of relaxation in my muscles. I leave feeling so much better than when I came in. Her personality is warm and immediately inviting, and I’m so glad to have found her.”

 —Susan O.

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Enlightened Elephant is a refuge for mind, body, & soul.

“Each massage fulfills needs I didn’t even know I had. Laura is a treasure… she is pure magic.”

— Dominique B.

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I started going to Laura in January 2020 and I can’t express my gratitude enough!

“She is incredibly skilled, kind and creates the most peaceful environment every time. The spa room is peaceful and relaxing. My body feels renewed and relaxed after every session. Definitely the best massages I’ve ever received <3.”

— Yumnah Q.

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O. M. G! Laura is AMAZING!!

“I have had MANY MANY massages throughout my life and I have to say, I truly believe she has magic in her hands! If you wish to experience a one-of-a-kind type of massage then I highly suggest you book an appointment with her! I bought a couple of massages for my husband. He has had many massages over the years and he said he felt like jello after his massage with Laura which is a HUGE compliment! I would go to her every week if I could!”

— Tara E.

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I’m over the moon ecstatic to have found Laura.

“After bouncing around to a few different massage therapists, and specifically describing the areas I need the most work on, only to get the standard massage ignoring these areas, I finally found Laura. I’m a weightlifter so my hip flexors/fascia area gets really really tight. I explained the problem to her and she went to work on the area immediately. Don’t waste any more $$ on a cookie-cutter massage from a chain! Laura is the real deal.

— Christine R.

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I am always relaxed and get exactly what I need! Thank you!

“Laura has given me several massages and each one is not like the others. Her pressure is perfect and she incorporates Reiki and sound healing in it as well. I’ve had 60 min and 90 min and recommend 90. Her prices are reasonable and well worth the money spent. I highly recommend Laura. She also used Reflexology as well. I’m very happy with the space and the energy is amazing!”

— Clare C.

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I always feel as if I am in good hands!

Laura is the best! Her massages and reflexology have been lifesaving for my plantar fasciitis, and she gives a wonderful prenatal too! She pays close attention to the connections and the tightness as the source of the pain.”

— Laura M.

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